October 1, 2014

Jankowski Family Help PreK Classes With SMART Board Steps

 Alex working on smartboard
Thank you to the Jankowski family and their company Simply Elegant General Construction, LTD for constructing steps so that our PreK3 and PreK4 students can reach the SMART Boards with ease!

Yankee Candle Fundraising Has Begun!


We’re a few days in our Yankee Candle sales and we’ve had alum inquiries from Bronxville to Costa Rica! We hope your fundraising has had a similar successful kick-off.

Reminder that all orders and monies collected are due Tuesday, October 14, 2014. And you can sell online too!

Here is the info for Yankee Candle online sales:
1. Go to YankeeCandleFundraising.com
2. Click on the Seller Login and Sign Up
3. Use Our Group Number to Register: 990020578
4. Look on StStansAcademy.org to find the teacher/classroom you wish to support.
5. Order away!

Happy Selling!

St. Stans Students Blast Off Into Space!

Once again, three of our students from St. Stan’s were privileged to be the recipients of a week-long scholarship program at NASA’s Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Two of our eighth graders, Haley Aber and Amanda Piasecki, along with seventh grader, Alex Karniewicz, set off to Space Camp in the middle of July, courtesy of our generous sponsors at Fish and Richardson. While there, they got to experience many of the training activities that astronauts go through when preparing for missions. They performed mock missions, built and set off their own rockets, and many other activities that ensured this experience will never be forgotten.

Once they completed their course, they each graduated on their final day there and received their certificates as official graduates of Space Camp! I am so proud of them!

For more information check out the program here: http://www.spacecamp.com


September 2014 Letter to Parents


Dear Parents,


Welcome back to a new school year here at SSKCA!  I hope you and your family enjoyed a restful summer even though it seemed to have flown by too quickly.

There have been a few changes over the summer in our faculty.  Our new 7th grade homeroom teacher is Mr. Adrian Casiano, the new gym teacher is Mrs. Claudia Nigro, and our new art teacher is Mrs. Diana Kaminski. We warmly welcome them to our SSKCA family!  We also welcome Ms. Enid Rodriguez as our Assistant Principal / Spanish teacher and after school program director. Spanish classes will now be held for all grades, from PK-3 through grade 8.

The Emergency Contact Information card that students received last week needs to be completed and returned ASAP.  The forms that are inside the Student Handbook are due on Friday, September 19th.  They include the Handbook Compliance Form, Acceptable Use Policy for Computers and the Internet Form, and the Blanket Photo/Video Permission Form.  The Home Language Questionnaire that will be going home this week needs to be completed as well.  We are required by NYC to keep them on file.

Kindly add to your copy of the school calendar a Faculty Professional Day on Friday, September 26th.  School will be closed that day in order for teachers to be trained on a new program made available by the diocese called Renzulli.  You will be hearing more information about it after the training.  As a result, the faculty meeting scheduled for Wednesday, October 1st is being canceled and will be a full day of school.

Last year, our school was chosen at random by the Department of Health for an immunization audit.  Unfortunately, we had too many families who were not in compliance, not because they hadn’t immunized their child but because they never informed us when their child had received additional immunizations after entering school.  In an effort to avoid a repeat of such a situation, please be sure to send in a doctor’s note listing all immunizations that your child has received since being admitted to our school, including date and type.  We need to be sure that our student health records are always up to date.

If you have any gently used toys or children’s books that you no longer need, our after school program would greatly appreciate all such donations.

We were able to raise enough funds last year to purchase new desks for the kindergarten.  As a result, the old desks are available to interested parents for a fee of $20.00 each.  A fellow principal told me that many parents in his school wanted to purchase his old desks because their child wanted to do homework at home in a school desk.  Should you be interested, kindly stop by to choose the one you would like or send in a note requesting that we hold one for you.  Any desks not spoken for will be made available to the guests at the parish picnic on Sunday.

I look forward to seeing you at the Parent Orientation on Monday, September 15th, at 7:00 pm.  Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the pleasant and moving surprise the faculty and I received at our opening of the new school year Mass last Friday when our pastor announced that the Mass was being concelebrated, per parent request, for the intention of God’s blessings on the faculty and staff.  We were very touched and trust that those blessings will enable us all here at SSKCA to have a wonderful year.


Mrs. C

High School Admissions Roundtable Set for October

MH024 DIANA FLYlinks

Link here to print a hard copy: MH024 DIANA FLYlinks

Speaking with Ms. Rodriguez About St. Stan’s New Spanish Curriculum


EROur new assistant Principal, Ms. Rodriguez, will be teaching St. Stan’s students from Pre-K to 8th Grade, both Spanish language as well as culture. She sat down with us for a brief Q&A. After our Q&A below, you will find an excerpt from her letter to parents about St. Stan’s Spanish language program.

What are you most excited to do at St. Stan’s this year?

I am very excited to be Assistant Principal to be able to continue to help the school continue to be an excellent school, where all students will have many wonderful opportunities to love learning. As the Spanish instructor, I want the students to love learning about the Spanish language and culture, using vocabulary, songs, literacy, poetry, and various props. We will also try to go on field trips to enhance the learning.

Can you tell us a bit about how you will structure the Spanish classes?

Classes for pre-K through grade 5 will meet once per week; grades 6 to 8 will meet twice per week. We will use books, music, props, materials, arts and crafts, projects and technology.

Where did you go to college and what did you study?

I attended Pace University for my Bachelors in Education and Spanish, Teachers College –Columbia University for my Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education. Currently I am attending Adelphi University for an additional Certification in Special Education. I have 3 certifications and plan on obtaining another by the end of this year. I have 14 years’ experience in Business and 15+ years in the classroom. I truly am passionate about teaching and now administrator.

Are you a native New Yorker or from where do you hail?

I was born in Puerto Rico and have lived most of my life in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and now back to Williamsburg.

What is your favorite book that you would recommend to students?

Reading is very important and I recommend children read genres they like and choose, because everyone is unique and reading should be what each individual child has an interest in.

My favorite books are by age groups- toddler-age 5 Eric Carle books, age 6-8 Magic School bus, middle school-all types of chapter books.

Favorite books growing up were written by Judy Blume which I love a lot.


As the Spanish teacher, I expect the children to love learning a new language. They will need Spanish folders and their school supplies when they have Spanish Class. The supplies they purchase for their grade can be brought in a plastic box to be used in our class as well; to avoid spending more money. Certain grades will need more than others. A list will go home in their folder. I will also send home a list of topics, vocabulary or themes, each grade will learn. There will be homework and exams for some grades and I will post all information online.

If you have ever visited one of the 21 countries that speak Spanish, please send in any information or artifacts with your child so they can share. I will make learning Spanish fun and exciting; using literacy, music, culture, videos, and some field trips.”


October School Tour Dates Set for Prospective Parents

St. Stan’s welcomes all prospective and interested parents to tour our Academy!
St. Stan’s mission is to enable our students to reach their full potential academically, spiritually and socially­ in a child-centered, nurturing environment – please join us in observing our mission in practice. The tours will consist of a welcome session with a discussion from the Principal, teachers and parents in the school auditorium. Topics will include the school’s teaching philosophy and curriculum, the afterschool programs, transportation options and parents own experience with St. Stan’s. After this discussion and questions are answered, parents will be guided to classroom to see the children in their environment. The tour will then continue to show the entire building including the gym space in the next building.
We look forward to meeting with you!
WHEN: 9am- 11am on two dates:
October 16th, 2014       PreK3 – 2nd Grade*
October 23rd, 2014       3rd – 8th Grade
WHERE: St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy Auditorium, 12 Newell Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Please RSVP for the tour (and LIC transportation*) to: Enid Rodriguez, Assistant Principal at erodriguez@ststansacademy.org
* There will be a shuttle van from Long Island City for the 10/16 tour date.



New After School Program Added to Curriculum


Dear Parents,

This year, SSKCA is bringing back an after school program. It will be available every school day until 6:00 pm. Students in grades PK-3 through grade 2 would be attending an extended day session first with one of our teachers, from their dismissal time at 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm.  They would then move to the after school program. If any student from grade K through grade 8 attending our “Beyond the Bell” after school program signs up for an after – school club, they would move to the after school program at the conclusion of their club activity. Should a student be attending a class at one of the local special interest schools, such as dance or karate, the student would join the others in after school once the student returns to SSKCA from the special class. On days that we have early dismissal due to faculty meetings, the after school program will be in session.

Our new staff member, Ms. Enid Rodriguez, will serve as the after school program director. She will be assisted each day by one of our PK aids.  The fee for the program follows:

5 days per week                        $2,500.00 per year

3 days per week                        $2,160.00 per year

2 days per week                        $1,440.00 per year

1 day per week                        $1,050.00 per year

The fees are payable in full at the time of enrollment in the program.

Students will have an opportunity to eat a snack brought from home, do their homework with assistance when necessary, as well as engage in various activities, such as arts and crafts, games, Spanish Globetrotters (cultural songs and dances), story time, puzzles, drama skits, playground activities, etc.

We hope that this service will prove to be beneficial to those parents for whom after school care for their child is vital.  If you plan to enroll your child, kindly call the office so a registration form may be sent home.  The program will begin on Monday, September 8, 2014.


Mrs. C

Welcome back to school 2014-2015!


A warm welcome from the Principal, Assistant Principal, Faculty and Staff of St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy. We wish all the students much academic and personal success for this new 2014-2015 school term.

A reminder the first day of school is tomorrow, September 3rd. This will be an early dismissal day.

2014-2015 Student/Parent Handbook


Please refer to St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy policies in our most recent handbook which you can download here. Handbook 14-15

Hard copies will also be distributed to students.