September 20, 2014

Public HS Calendar on DOE web site

Public HS Admissions Calendar on the DOE website can be accessed through the following link (hopefully it is actually a link otherwise copy and paste).  It will give you information about HS Admissions sessions, etc.


Friday, 9/19:

Please return signed all Confirmation forms and my Expectations/Grading System form.  Diploma name card. Home Language Survey, and any other papers distributed if you have not already done so.

Math: 8H & 7R: summer assignments returned along with topics for the quiz which will be within the next two week – date to be announced; 7H & 8R: will be getting summer assignments early next week with topics, etc. 8R: CC WB pg. 24; 7R: CC WB pg. 17

Rel: Two(2) writing assignments re contests assigned: Radio City Contest – due 10/8 and Maryknoll Contest due 10/28. Gr 8: Catholic Knowledge quiz will be Tuesday – study!

Thursday, 9/18:

Math: 8H: Distributive property packet pg. 26-27; 8R: CC WB pg. 22-23 in notebook; 7H: CC WB pg. 21-23 in notebook; 7R: CC WB pg. 15-16 in notebook

Rel:  8:please return signed the Confirmation Pledge if you have not already done so, continue to study the Catholic Knowledge Questionnaire in preparation for a quiz next week; 7: continuation of project tomorrow if necessary

Wednesday, 9/17:

Math: 8H: WB pg. 17-18 & quiz tomorrow; 8R: CC WB pg. 18-21 answers in notebook; 7H: CC WB pg. 18-20 answers in notebook; 7R: Check out LearnZillion Quick Code: LZ2966, CC WB pg. 10-13 in notebook

Rel: 7th: project in class tomorrow – make sure you have everything you need including the 1/2 oaktag; 8th: see Tuesday

Tuesday, 9/16:

Math: 8H: text read pg. 20-21 & do questions on pg. 21; 7R: BrainingCamp assignments must be completed by tomorrow (Wed) & solve the complex fraction problems given in class; 7H/8R: WB pg. 17

Rel: see below  8th grade: a quiz (unannounced probably next week) may be given on the Catholic Knowledge Questionnaire discussed in class.

Monday, 9/15:

Math: 8H: text pg. 19 #1-20 in notebook; 8R/7H: WB pg. 16 & quiz tomorrow; 7R: Braining Camp assignments due Wednesday. Due tomorrow: WB pg. 142 #50, WB pg. 143 #15,16,19,20 and WB pg. 144 #30-36

Band information sheet – register for the band, etc. was distributed today.

Home Language Survey – please complete ASAP and return to me

Rel: 7: research your saints for Religion Fair project 8: Confirmation Induction letter & pledge will be in Wednesday’s test folder along with the sponsor form to be completed by the sponsor.

Both 7 & 8: Maryknoll Essay Contest – letter to Pope Francis (typed or neatly handwritten stapled 500-750 words) on the theme – due date 10/28/14 – best letters will be sent in to be considered for the contest.  See Maryknoll website if you have any further interest.  The contest is posted also on their site.

8th graders were given a white small index card: diploma name PRINTED exactly as you want it to appear on the diploma – parent signature required – due 9/23

Parent Orientation is Monday, September 15th, 7 PM.  I will be asking parents to sign up if they would like to chaperone a trip (trips to be announced – first one is Cradle of Aviation sometime in October hopefully and Confirmation Retreat in November). Also I will have a sign in sheet for parents to have their e-mail added to the 8th Grade Class group where you would  receive an e-mail reminder or other information quickly rather than waiting for a paper to come home.  You would also be added to the school-wide group, which is great especially for emergency announcements like snow  day/school closed. Please consider  signing up for this e-mail group.

8th Grade Wish List

  1. 20-30 laptops or I Pads (or equivalent) for classroom use
  2. Cubbies for students’ books – may be individual cubbies or a bookcase type with individual cubbies. Size of each cubbie 12” by 15” each
  3. Additional corking for the hall to hang work
  4. Digital camera to take pictures of student activities
  5. Smart Board attachment such as camera to view a book or student’s work on the Smart Board

Math Club – Mathmagicians




Fridays starting 9/19 3:15-4:45 PM




Web Resources – Math – on line lessons some with practice offered – short movies on science & math/careers related – free worksheets you create with answer key - lessons you can view over & over – search topic