November 1, 2014


Friday, 10/31:

Math: 8H: two word problems given in class due Monday on graph paper; 8R & 7H & 7R: none

Rel: Monday all students will be working on their Religion Fair Projects – boards and necessary materials should  be in school already.  Please make sure you have whatever else you need for Monday!!!

TACHS Admit Cards will be in Wednesday’s test folders.

Please hand in your public high school application with your biographical information completed along with the list of program choices ASAP, but no later than 11/25 – Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Thank you.

Tuesday, 11/25: 8th grade Confirmation Retreat – bring your lunch – drinks will be provided.

Public HS Calendar on DOE web site

Public HS Admissions Calendar on the DOE website can be accessed through the following link (hopefully it is actually a link otherwise copy and paste).  It will give you information about HS Admissions sessions, etc. If you cannot copy & paste, then type what you see as the URL and it will get you to the current HS Admissions calendar.

The Public High School Directory is also on line.  The fastest way to get to it is to google it.  The link will be clearly stated.  The public high school admissions office has also put a Search section on their site, so that you can find your zoned high school, schools with interest areas, locations, etc. 

Important: please read through the Introduction in the High School Directory.  It clearly gives you their admissions process.  You can also go to their information sessions to ask them questions directly, and get a Directory and the Specialized HS/LaGuardia  Student Handbook.




Public High School applications were distributed to the 8th grade students today (10/9).  Please return them completed & signed (only the first page) by Wednesday, 11/26.  I will enter them on to SEMS and give you a receipt.  Please sign and return that receipt making any changes if necessary.  I will return to you a copy of your signed receipt.  If changes need to be made, the process of signing & returning will continue until you have finalized your choices.

8th Grade:  Continue to attend Sunday mass – preferably at SSK’s 9 am mass – bring in the signed bulletin from the church/mass you attended on Mondays.

Religion – A Poster Contest on Cyber Security is being offered as extra credit.  Due week of 11/17.

Religion Fair topics have been announced.  7th grade – you know your assignment and partner. 8th grade – you know your topic and partner.  All boards and materials must be in school by 10/31.  We begin the classroom project work on Monday, 11/3.

Tuesday, 10/28:

Math: 8H: none; 7H & 8R & 7R – test Thursday; 7H: packet pages 4 & 5; 8R: packet pages. 4 & 5; 7R: CCWB pg. 68 #14, 15 and text pg. 149 #1-16 in notebook.

Rel: see above re Religion Fair – 8th grade Test tomorrow.

Monday, 10/27:

Math: 8H: Test on Tuesday. 8R, 7H and 7R Test on Thursday 10/30.  7R: CCWB pg. 66-67; 8R & 7H: packet page 1 & 2 (first sheet back & front)

Rel: 7th grade: Test on Chapter 1 Tuesday; 8th grade: Test on Chapter 3 Wednesday.  LETTER TO POPE DUE TOMORROW!!!

Please note: graduation picture order is due on the day the photo is taken.

Student of the Week for 10/20-24: Haley Aber


8th Grade Wish List

  1. 20-30 laptops or I Pads (or equivalent) for classroom use
  2. Smart Board attachment – document reader
  3. Additional corking for the hall to hang work
  4. Digital camera to take pictures of student activities
  5. Mindstorm Lego EV3 kits for Robotics Club


Math Club – Mathmagicians




Fridays starting 9/19 3:15-4:45 PM




Web Resources – Math – lessons, questions, challenges – some will be assigned as HW – on line lessons some with practice offered – short movies on science & math/careers related – free worksheets you create with answer key – lessons you can view over & over – search topic