September 3, 2014

4th Grade Wish List


  1. Digital Camera to be used for class projects and events (monthly updates/news to parents) …. purchased for class August, 2014…. Thank you!  :-)
  2. children’s microscope and slides

New Science Club Starting Fall 2014


Young Einstein’s Science Club

Science-symbol.png (248×254)

I will be organizing a new science club for students of grades 4 and 5 starting in September 2014.

Mrs. Zito

Grade 4 – Homework/Project Board


August 1, 2014

Homework Grade 4

   All incoming 4th grade students were given a supply list, Reading summer assignments and  writing packets, Math practice packets, and the Sept through May reading list. If for any reason you are missing them as the summer begins, please email me at my school’s email address and  I will forward additional copies to you. All work will be collected on the first FULL day of school. No additional time will be allowed. 

Mrs. Zito


    Test folders go home on most Wednesdays…. both the tests and sheet inside must be signed!!


      Grading  Policy…. for fourth grade students all tests, quizzes, and assessments  in all subject areas are scored on a scale of 100.   Essays and extended responses for state exam practice, classwork, and homework are graded using rubrics with a value of 0-3 for open ended extended responses and 0-4 for essays. Students will be given information regarding rubric scoring as lessons progress ,and extended responses and essays become more familiar. Full sentence responses on regular tests/quizzes are not graded using a rubric but are simply part of the overall values that contribute to a total of 100%.  Projects done in class are given alpha grades and will be listed on Option C.  Homework is checked daily, and missing homework is recorded. Continuance of missing homeworks will be viewed as a deficiency and will affect the student’s “personal progress” grades on their resport cards. Likewise, notice of “class participation” or lack thereof will affect this area also.

                                               Special Subjects

Monday at 2 PM – art

Tuesday at 2 PM – gym

Thursday at 2 PM – computer

Friday at 1:15 PM – music