December 23, 2014

Homework Board





Dec. 22, 2014

Rel:  grab bag gift due Dec. 23

Read  – wb pg 119/120

Math - wb pg 43 finish page and do pg 44 (#s 1-10 ) all in notebook; coordinate grid sheet 1-2 must be finished

Sci -  research paper for Science Fair… we will gather information before writing the papers the week of Jan. 5th.; practice the experiment part several times at home; buy materials and large tri-fold board you will use the week of Jan. 12 to create the final board




special subjects

Art – Monday at 2PM

Gym – Tuesday a 2PM

Spanish – Wednesday at 2 PM

Computer – Thursday a 2PM

Music – Friday at 1:15PM

Young Einstein’s Science Club

Dec 23

Young Einstein’s Science Club

   Merry Christmas… see you all on Jan. 6th

Mrs. Zito