March 27, 2015

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                                     Mar 26,2015

Rel –   mite boxes -March 31; Trip money due in after Easter later than April 17,2015

Sci – Packet due Monday; test Friday (adaptations)

Read – wb pg 182/184

Math –  see notebook problems for average(mean) and equivalent fractions

Read – see notebook with instructions for “Book Jacket” project we will start on Mar. 30 in school… ideas for illustrations and summary due by Friday, Mar. 27;


Reminder: wear yellow for free dress down on Friday… for Seth



special subjects

Art – Monday at 2PM

Gym – Tuesday a 2PM

Spanish – Wednesday at 2 PM

Computer – Thursday a 2PM

Music – Friday at 1:15PM

Young Einstein’s Science Club

Mar 23,2015

Next Meeting will be on Tues.,Mar.24

Dancing Spaghetti


Mrs. Zito