November 27, 2014

November News

Here’s What’s Happening for the Month of November:


The children are continuing to get ready for the Religion Fair on November 13th! They are doing a great job of writing, drawing and decorating their posterboards! They are very proud of their hard work!

Children are doing a great job of learning their multiplication tables!

The children are coming along with their script writing. Each morning we have been working on writing in cursive. The children are looking forward to writing in script and in pen coming up in December!

Children are improving in their writing skills… they have been writing great stories each week using their vocabulary words! They will be working on their second book report for this month that is due on November 20th. Reading Logs showing books that the children have read are due on November 21st.

In Social Studies we are continuing to work on map skills. The children are creating their own maps that we will use in class to answer questions related to direction and distance.

Stay tuned to hear about our Thanksgiving Menus that the children are working on. They are using supermarket advertisements to plan meals. The children all agree they enjoy eating lots of food not only on  Thanksgiving Day but  every day!

              Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Here’s the homework for Wednesday, November 26th:

1. Math – See sheets on multiplication due Mon., 12/1.

2. Reading – read for 30 minutes. See sheets due Mon., 12/1.

3. Social Studies- look over sheets on latitude and longitude lines and landform maps for quiz Wed.

4. Science- see sheet about potato experiment. Questions due on 12/5.

5.See religion notebook for “Gift to Jesus” due 12/2. (use a small box or gift bag and make a card with your gift).

6. See art contest sheet “Keep Christ in Christmas”. Everyone will participate by making a poster showing the meaning of Christmas. Please use the sheet of paper that was given to write your phone number and address. Tape it on the back of the poster. Posters due by: Dec. 9th.

7. Children were given the Act of Contrition prayer to begin to say in preparation for Penance. We will begin preparing shortly after Christmas.

Congratulations to Veronica for being our Student of the Week and to Emily for being out Student of the Month! Great job!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Petrizzo


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Enjoy eating with family and friends! Remember to be thankful for the many blessings we have!  Remember to go to Mass for the first Sunday of Advent. See everyone on Monday, December 1st!


Coming Up Next Week:

Mon. 12/1 – math and reading sheets due.

Tues. 12/2 – Gift to Jesus due and homily quiz.

Wed. 12/3 – S.S. map quiz; Sharing Smiles Klub meets

Thurs. 12/4- Science quiz on traits; half day for Report Cards

Fri. 12/5 – math and vocab. quizzes; potato lab questions due; half day for teachers’ meeting


Class List

Here is a list of everyone in our class. Please use this list to write Christmas cards, birthday cards, Valentine’s Day cards etc. throughout the year.

We have 15 boys and 5 girls.

Matthew             Synai                Adam                Mateusz

Philip                  Emily                Nicolas             Nicholas

Jack                     Chloe                Sonny               Christian

Benjamin            Natasia            Christopher     Daniel

David                   Veronica          Maxim              Romulus

Happy Birthday to our Third Graders

           Happy Birthday to…..


Synai – September 3rd….the first day of school!


Adam – September 13th


Natasia – October 12th


Maxim – October 17th


Christopher – October 22nd


David – November 19th


Special Subjects

Here are the special subjects for children in grade 3:

Mondays    –  Music

Tuesdays    –  Art

Thursdays   –  Computer and Gym

Fridays         –  Spanish


Please read the student handbook regarding proper gym uniform for gym day.

3rd Grade Wish List

  1. Digital Camera
  2. Hue Document Camera

Math Websites

Here is a list of some websites that are instructional and fun for learning math and practicing number facts.

                                                                     Have fun exploring these sites!