April 23, 2014


                  Homework for Tuesday, April 15, 2014

                      Good job to everyone on making your First Penance!  Congratulations on being a step closer to receiving First Holy Communion!

                                 25 Days until First Holy Communion!

 This is Holy Week! Try to go to Mass on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and/or Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Please sing and listen carefully to hear the prayers and responses. Take notice of when to kneel, sit and stand during the Mass.

                                         NO tests or quizzes on Wednesday!

1. Religion -  Read sheets about Communion and responses 3 times. Practice singing the songs.

  Study vocab. and meanings of words related to people, places and items in church. Quiz after vacation.

 Mite boxes are due.

2. Reading – workbook pages 16 and 17.

3.   Social Studies - Get ready to go to other classes to show our work about the ancient civilization!

4. Please return spring  pictures or money for them. 

5. We  started special lessons with the Audubon Society called For the Birds!   Today there is a permission slip in the test folder for the trip on May 5th. Please sign and return the slip. No money is needed. If any parents would like to chaperone, kindly check off on the slip and we will decide when we come back from Easter break. 

6. Remember to return test folders.

    For Communion, the boys need to wear a navy blue suit. 

The girls need to wear a white dress with a sleeve. It should be knee length or a little longer but not ankle length. They should wear white tights and shoes with a little heel. Please no sandals, flip flops, ankle  socks or sleeveless dresses.

                                                      Have a nice night!


 This Week:

 Test Folders will be given to be returned on Wednesday.

Wednesday is a full day of school before Easter vacation.

Remember to go to Mass during Holy Week (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday).

                 Happy Easter! Relax and enjoy the time off! See you on April 28th!

Coming Up:

Science – collect data  regarding the temperature and weather of a city and state in the US or country for 5 days. Bring temperatures to school on Tuesday, April 29th. Record temperatures for each date in the chart in your notebook. Draw and write about the weather and temperature for 2 days. We will be using the data to make a line graph when we return from Easter break.

Religion – vocab. of people/places and items in church quiz on April 30th.

L.A. – quiz on Commas on Thurs., May 1st and Confession.

Vocab. and Math quizzes on Fri., May 2nd and First Friday Mass.

 3rd Reading Logs are due on June 3rd.

Review sheets will be given in mid May to begin studying for Final Exams. 


Grade 3 Class List

Here is a list of everyone in our class for this year. Please use this list when writing Christmas Cards, Valentine’s Day Cards, Easter Cards. It will help to remember everyone who is in the class and to spell their name correctly. Please keep it handy for the year.


                                                   BOYS                                                          GIRLS


                                                  Connor                                                        Alexandra

                                                  Vincent                                                        Julia C.

                                                  Christopher                                                Regina

                                                   Lucas                                                           Victoria

                                                   Adrian                                                          Daria

                                                   Krystian                                                       Julia Z.

                                                   Anthony P.

                                                   Anthony S. 


Math Websites

Here is a list of some websites that are instructional and fun for learning math and practicing number facts.

                                                                     Have fun exploring these sites!