December 21, 2014

December News

Here’s What’s Happening in the month of December:

Children have been having a special visitor on Tuesdays! His name is Fr. Jerry, the pastor of St. Raphael’s Church! He has been talking to the children about Baptism and has included his hobby of magic into each of his discussions! The children are very happy to see him and hear what he has to say and do!

The children are getting ready to begin writing in script and in pen for most of their work! They are very excited to start using erasable pens!

We are now working on division in math. We are seeing how is it very much related to multiplication and the children are able to answer rather quickly!

The children are very busy getting ready for the Christmas Show. It is on Friday, Dec. 19th at 7pm. They will be singing very loud for all to hear!

The children are continuing to work on their writing and reading skills. They are beginning to write more detailed paragraphs and read more confidently in class! They are trying their best to work together and share ideas when completing their work.

In social studies children will begin a class project of creating a brochure describing one of the five regions of the US. They will be working on including information of states within the region they are doing. They will be working on finding information in computer class.

In science class, the children are learning about ecosystems. We are discussing how animals and plants depend on each other to live. We are discussing what may happen if people and/or animals do not work together. The children have all agreed that everyone needs to help and work together in an ecosystem and well as everyday life!

Children can bring in Christmas Cards and a boy/girl gift to be given in class by Dec. 19th. We will have a class party on Dec. 23rd.

Thank you everyone for working hard and doing a good job! Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year!  Enjoy Christmas vacation with family and friends! Eat plenty, relax and enjoy the holiday season! See everyone on January 5th, 2015 when we return from Christmas vacation!


Here’s the homework for Friday,December 19th:

1.   This Friday night, December 19th, is our Christmas Show at 7pm. I hope to see everyone that night. Boys should wear black pants and a white shirt, girls should wear a skirt or dress in red or green. Please wear school shoes or other black shoes, no snow boots. Come to the auditorium at 6:40pm( using the doorway by Mrs. C’s office).

2. Remember to go to Mass. Keep Religion notebook home to practice for Penance from the sheets.

3. Read for 30 minutes. Record  your books on the reading log. Keep reading notebook home to review notes on Prudy’s Problem.

4. Please see the notice about upcoming events when we return in January.

Have a nice weekend! 6 more days until Christmas!

Mrs. Petrizzo

Congratulations to Nicholas T. for being our Student of the Week and to Nicolas F. for being our Student of the Month! Great job!


Next Week:

There will not be any quizzes or tests on Monday or Tuesday of next week! Both days are full days with dismissal at 3pm. Tuesday children can wear red and green and we will have a class party.

Children should read daily, study the Act of Contrition, formula for Confession, and review vocab. on Prudy’s Problem over Christmas vacation. There is no written homework.

We begin Christmas vacation on December 24th-January 5th!


January 9th is a half day for faculty meeting, not January 6th.

Sunday, January 11th is our second meeting for Penance and Communion. Children should go to church at 9am for Mass, then our meeting will be at school. We will be finished by 11am. Please plan on attending both the Mass and the meeting.

Class List

Here is a list of everyone in our class. Please use this list to write Christmas cards, birthday cards, Valentine’s Day cards etc. throughout the year.

We have 15 boys and 5 girls.

Matthew             Synai                Adam                Mateusz

Philip                  Emily                Nicolas             Nicholas

Jack                     Chloe                Sonny               Christian

Benjamin            Natasia            Christopher     Daniel

David                   Veronica          Maxim              Romulus

Happy Birthday to our Third Graders

           Happy Birthday to…..


Synai – September 3rd….the first day of school!


Adam – September 13th


Natasia – October 12th


Maxim – October 17th


Christopher – October 22nd


David – November 19th


Matthew – December 12th




Special Subjects

Here are the special subjects for children in grade 3:

Mondays    –  Music

Tuesdays    –  Art

Thursdays   –  Computer and Gym

Fridays         –  Spanish


Please read the student handbook regarding proper gym uniform for gym day.

3rd Grade Wish List

  1. Digital Camera
  2. Hue Document Camera

Math Websites

Here is a list of some websites that are instructional and fun for learning math and practicing number facts.

                                                                     Have fun exploring these sites!