October 22, 2014

Class List

Here is a list of everyone in our class. Please use this list to write Christmas cards, birthday cards, Valentine’s Day cards etc. throughout the year.

We have 15 boys and 5 girls.

Matthew             Synai                Adam                Mateusz

Philip                  Emily                Nicolas             Nicholas

Jack                     Chloe                Sonny               Christian

Benjamin            Natasia            Christopher     Daniel

David                   Veronica          Maxim              Romulus

Happy Birthday to our Third Graders

           Happy Birthday to…..


Synai – September 3rd….the first day of school!


Adam – September 13th


Natasia – October 12th


Maxim – October 17th


Christopher – October 22nd

Special Subjects

Here are the special subjects for children in grade 3:

Mondays    –  Music

Tuesdays    –  Art

Thursdays   –  Computer and Gym

Fridays         –  Spanish


Please read the student handbook regarding proper gym uniform for gym day.

Welcome to Third Grade/Homework


Welcome to Third Grade!

Wow! A whole month of school has gone by already! The children are trying their best to adjust to a new grade! They are working hard at copying notes, listening to directions and focusing on their work. They are getting used to our rountine of copying homework into the planner and carefully taking home the correct books.

Please continue to check planners daily and to sign the test folder on Wednesdays.

We are getting ready for International Night on Oct. 24th.. the children are very excited about performing on stage!

We have been praying a decade of the rosary each day and will continue for the month.

On October 14th we will begin Terra Nova Testing. Please be sure to have sharpened pencils with erasers. Children should be sure to eat breakfast and have a good night of sleep to better concentrate during the testing. It will be reading and math related.

On Sunday, October 19th we will go to Mass together at 9am and then have our first meeting to prepare for Penance and Communion. We will be finished by 11am. Please plan on joining us for both Mass and the meeting.

This month’s Book Report is due on October 28th. Children should read a Halloween related book and complete the sheet that was given. Books by Cam Jansen, Ready Freddy Series, Henry and Mudge, or about ghosts, pumkins are all good choices.

Let’s have a great October full of learning, fall and fun… and of course A Happy Halloween!


                             Homework for October 22, 2014

Thank you everyone for attending our 1st Meeting for Penance/ Communion.

1. Read for 15 minutes. Record on the log sheet in reading workbook, any books you already read. It will be  collected in December then,each trimester at report card time. Work on reading 10 books for December.

2. Religion – Bring rosary beads for the month of October.

3. S.S.-  Continue to read your part for International Night to memorize it.

4.  Vocab. – write story “The Fierce”… with unit 6 words.

5. Science- See page 53 from text about writing. Due Thursday.  Study vocab. about animals and their needs for quiz Thurs. Review workbook pages. Return textbook.

6. Religion Fair- Bring information for the religion fair. Please keep the shoe boxes/supplies at home until we complete the posters then we will work on those in class.

7. We will continue our cupcake sale on Thursday to sell what we have left from today.

8. Remember to return test folders, pizza orders due and gym on Thursday.

Congratulations to our Student of the Week for this week…Benjamin and our Student of the Month…Philip! Continue to work hard and be kind!

Have a nice night!

This  Week:

Thurs. – Science quiz on animals and their needs/ invertebrates/vertebrates and science writing activity page 53 in text due.

Friday- vocab. and math quiz (5 and 10 times tables only); International Night at 7pm. Children should wear red, white and/or blue clothing.


Coming Up :

October’s Book Report is due October 28th. Please write neatly and color your illustrations.


3rd Grade Wish List

  1. Digital Camera
  2. Hue Document Camera

Math Websites

Here is a list of some websites that are instructional and fun for learning math and practicing number facts.

                                                                     Have fun exploring these sites!