October 2, 2014

10/1 7th and 8th grade ELA/S.S. HW Assignments

7th grade ELA:
Honors: Students are to define vocabulary words given in class as well as to write a minimum of 1 paragraph response in which they describe how the character Romeo views love. They must use quotes and lines from the text to support their answers.

Regulars: Students are to define the vocabulary given in class as well as do research on 2 of the historical contexts covered in class. Students must list 1 fact each about Queen Elizabeth and her influence on Theater as well as the founder of the NEW Globe Theater.

8th ELA: N/A

Social Studies:
7th: Students should be studying for their test on Friday.
8th Students should read section 5 of chapter 2 and define the vocabulary, key people and events.


ELA – Grade 5 – Honors – Sentences with #1-10

Social Studies – Grade 5 – wb pg 28



H.W. October 1, 2014

1. Reading-  ABC Order

2. Math- Worksheet

3. L.A.- Write 4 homophone pairs in sentences. (See Apple Book)

*Pizza Money

*Return Test Folder Signed

*Return Audubon Permission Slip


9/30 7th and 8th grade ELA and Social Studies

7th & 8th grade ELA Honors/ 7th & 8th grade Regulars:

Students are to attach their literary terms lists into their respective books. Some students still don’t have books please make sure they are properly prepared for class as soon as possible.

7th grade Regulars:

Along with the assignment above students in the 7th grade regular class are responsible for defining the list of words given in class: dashed, cannoned, unlaced, foreign, amiable, and pendulum

7th grade Social Studies:

Students should begin studying for their test on Friday (announced last week)

8th grade Social Studies:

Students should read Chapter 2 Section 4 and define the vocab, key people and events.


ELA – Honors – Grade 5 – Vocabulary 11-20 definitions; Grammar quiz.

Science – Grade 5 – wb pgs 154&155

Social Studies – Grade 5 – Find one fact about Henry Hudson that you think others won’t know.




H.W. September 30, 2014

1. Reading- 5 sentences. Superkids page 27.

2. Math- page 11.

3. Science- pages 15-16.

*Science Test- Friday- Study Sheet

*Spelling Test- Friday

Homework the Week Ending October 3, 2014

Homework for Week Ending October 3, 2014

Monday – Please have your child write the letter B, b and the number 2 in their homework notebook. Please have your child complete homework with a pencil only. Please note that all homework must be completed by Thursday of every week the latest. Thank  you!

Theme of the week is “Colors”

Thursday – Pretzel money is due; please bring in 50 cents if your child would like a pretzel. Pizza day Friday please bring in $2.00, if you would like your child to have pizza.

I would like to announce the “Student of the Week”, his name is Colum Cocks. Congratulations Colum!!!

 Thank you


Have a blessed week!

Ms. Prestia


H.W. September 29, 2014

1. Reading-  3x each. Superkids pages 23-24.

2. Math- page 10.



1. bubble  2. bottle  3. peanut  4. something  5. someone

6. butterfly  7. rain  8. brain 9. train  10. snail  11. candy

12. lucky



Math Homework(09/29-10/03)

6th R

Monday: Workbook, page 16

Tuesday: Workbook, page 17

Wednesday: Workbook, page 18

Thursday: Workbook, page 20

Friday: No homework

6th H

Monday: Workbook, page 33-34

Tuesday: Workbook, page 35 , Q:2-8

Wednesday: Workbook, page 37-38

Thursday: Workbook, page 39-40

Friday: Ni homework

Math Homework (09/29-1003)

5th R

Monday: Workbook, page 19-20

Tuesday: Workbook, page 21

Wednesday: Workbook, page 22

Thursday: Workbook, page 23

Friday: No homework

5th H

Monday: Workbook, page 15

Tuesday: Workbook, page  17

Wednesday: Workbook, page 18

Thursday: Workbook, page 20

Friday: No homework