January 30, 2015


Grade 5 – ELA – Honors – spelling/Vocabulary quiz – Holes writing assignment due.

Grade 5 – Science – wb pgs 68 & 69

Grade 6 – ELA – Honors – spelling/Vocabulary quiz – sentences due

Grade 6 – Social Studies – pg 255 questions 1-6


H.W. January 29, 2015

1. Math- page 83.

2. L.A.- Red Book pages 56 and 58.

*Return Walk-a-thon envelope. You may wear

your Gym Uniform.

*L.A. Quiz- Tuesday- Linking Verbs/Special

Verbs in the past tense

*Pretzel Money



Math Homework (01/28-01/30)

6th R
Wednesday: No homework
Thursday: Workbook, page 88
Friday: No homework
6th H
Wednesday: Workbook, page 179-180
Thursday: Workbook, page 181-182
Friday: No homework

Math Homework (01/28-01/30)

5th R
Wednesday: No homework
Thursday: Workbook, page 101
Friday: No homework
5th H
Wednesday: Workbook, page 82
Thursday: Workbook, page 84
Friday: No homework


H.W. January 28, 2015

1. Reading- Superkids pages 96 and 98.

2. Math- pages 81-82.

3. Phonics- pages 107-108.

*Pizza Money

*Test Folder


H.W. January 26, 2015

*Wednesday- 11:30 Dismissal

*Pajama Day- Wednesday- February 4th

*Science Fair- Thursday- February 5th- 7P.M.


Enjoy your Snow Day Tomorrow!!




Homework the Week Ending January 30, 2015

MondayPlease have your child write the letter P; p and the number 16 in their homework notebook. Please have your child complete homework with a pencil only. Please note homework is due by Friday the latest.

Please note:  If your child is absent from school on a Monday; please do not write the homework in your child’s notebook. It is the teacher’s responsibility to write their homework in their notebook. Please wait till your child returns to school and their homework will be written in their notebook for them to complete. Thank you!

Tuesday - January 27th, due to the weather the school will be closed. Pajama day and Student Appreciation Day is being canceled and rescheduled for Wednesday February 4th.

WednesdayJanuary 28th, will be early dismissal at 11:30 am, due to “Teacher Appreciation Day”. Also it will be Crazy Hat, Tie and Socks Day.

Thursday – January 29th, is Parent Volunteer Appreciation Day. Open House is between 10:15am – 11:30 am. You are welcomed to come into your child’s classroom.

Friday - January 30th, is the walk-a thon. Please have your child wear his/her sneakers.


 Pretzel Money is due by Friday and pizza money is due by Thursday. If you would like a pretzel or pizza for your child please bring in the money on time and no later than the day its due. (50 cents for a pretzel and $2.00 dollars for pizza). Thank you!

I would like to announce “Student of the Week, Veron Valchev. Congratulations Veron! : )

Have a blessed week!!!

Thank you

Ms. Prestia

Homework for the Week of January 26, 2015

Monday- Spelling Homework Book: Write the words 1.can 2.if 3.up 4.let and 5.we three times each. Say and spell the words. Test on Friday. Math- Worksheet.

Tuesday- No Homework-“Student Appreciation Day”. Pajama Day: Wear your pajamas to school. Art class.

Wednesday- Spelling- Study your words. Phonics- Worksheet.  Math- Worksheet.  Reading-Worksheet. Crazy, hat and tie day ( pick what you want or wear all three). Dismissal at 11:30.

Thursday- Reading-Worksheet. Math-Worksheet. Religion-Worksheet. Spelling-Study your words. Test tomorrow. Gym class. Pizza money is due.

Friday- Spelling Test. Walk-a-thon- Bring in your money if you are participating. Pretzel money is due. Spanish class. Have a Great Weekend!


Grade 5 – ELA – Honors – grammar wb pg 54, Spelling/Vocabulary quiz

Grade 5 – Science – wb pgs 64 & 65

Grade 5 – Social Studies – text pg 259 #5 (due Monday)


H.W. January 22, 2015

1. L.A.- Red Book pages 47 and 49.

*Spelling and Science Tests

*Pretzel Money