March 31, 2015

The Week Ending April 3, 2015

MondayThere will be no homework this week for your child to complete. Please have your child continue to practice writing their letters and numbers during their Easter break. Thank you.


Wednesday April 1st, Easter break begins after regular dismissal.

Wishing you all a “Happy Easter” and enjoy your time off.

See you all back at school on April 13th.

Please note: April 13th, will be an early dismissal day due to a faculty meeting.

Have a blessed week!!!

Thank you

Ms. Prestia


H.W. March 30, 2015

1. Math- page 61.

2. S.S.- Skinny Book page 40.


*Mite Boxes due

*S.S. Test- Unit 4

*Math Quiz- Wednesday- Subtraction with



Student of the Week: Jan Czartoryjski


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Math Homework (03/30-04/01)

6th R
Monday: Workbook, page 166
Packet : Due Date- Monday after Easter brake
Tuesday: Workbook, page 170
Wednesday: Test, no homework
6th H
Monday: Workbook, page 345-346, Q: 5,6,8, and 10
Tuesday: Workbook, page 347-348
Packet-Due Date: Monday after Easter brake
Wednesday: No homework

Math Homework (03/30-04/1)

5th R
Monday: Workbook, page 138
Tuesday: Workbook, page 139
Wednesday: No homework
5th H
Monday: Workbook, page 149, Q: 1-4
Tuesday: Study for test
Wednesday: Test-Proportions , no homework


H.W. March 26, 2015

1. S.S.- Draw or find a picture of a famous

landmark. Write a few sentences about it. Put in

Star Book.

*Wear Yellow

*Spelling Test

*Mite Boxes – due Tuesday


H.W. March 25, 2015

1. Reading- ABC Order. Superkids page 42.

2. Math- page 59.

3. S.S.- Use in sentences: Paul Revere, England,

July 4th.

*Pizza Money

*Test Folder

*Spelling Test- Friday

*S.S. Test- Tuesday- Study Sheet



Grade 5 – ELA – Honors – Define 11-20

Grade 5 – Science – wb pg 227

Grade 6 – ELA – Honors – Define 11-20, read up to pg 184 in Holes

Grade 6 – Social Studies – bring in current events article


H.W. March 24, 2015

1. Reading- 5 sentences. Superkids page 41.

2. Math- page 58.

3. Phonics- pages 147-148.

*Dress Down Day

*Cupcake Sale

Homework the Week Ending March 27, 2015

MondayPlease have your child write the letter W; w and the number 23 in their homework notebook. Please have your child complete homework with a pencil only. Please note homework is due by Friday the latest.

Please note:  If your child is absent from school on a Monday; please do not write the homework in your child’s notebook. It is the teacher’s responsibility to write their homework in their notebook. Please wait till your child returns to school and their homework will be written in their notebook for them to complete. Thank you!


Wednesday March 25th, it will be “Dress Down Day”. If you choose to have your child dress down please bring in $2.00.

It will also be cupcake sale on Wednesday; if you would like your child to have a cupcake please have your child bring in money to purchase a cupcake.

Friday March 27th, you can have your child wear the color Yellow in honor of Seth Day. This is a free dress down day. Thank you!

Pretzel Money is due by Friday and pizza money is due by Thursday. If you would like a pretzel or pizza for your child please bring in the money on time and no later than the day its due. (50 cents for a pretzel and $2.00 dollars for pizza). Thank you.

 Have a blessed week!!!

Thank you

Ms. Prestia



H.W. March 23, 2015

1. Reading- 3x each. Superkids page 37.

2. L.A.- Write and draw about your favorite

t.v .show on the paper provided.- Due


3. S.S.- Worksheet


*Subway Money due

Spelling Words: spring, April, puddle, shrimp,

water, woman, wheel, wrong, history, colony,

freedom, United States


Student of the Week: Emilia Sobolewski


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