April 26, 2015


H.W. April 23, 2015

*L.A. Test- Contractions

*Field Trip- Wear Gym Uniform and bring lunch.

Gift Shop Available. No Schoolbag Necessary.

*Pretzel Money


Grade 5 – Social Studies – finish letter to your delegate about whether or not you support the acceptance of the Constitution and why.

Grade 8 – Science – finish review questions  if they weren’t done in class. (due Monday because of state exam schedule)

Pizza Money


H.W. April 22, 2015

1. L.A.- Read Scholastic News. Do Back Cover.

Write 3 things you learned from the article in

your Star Book.

*Math Test- Chapter 5- Subtraction with


*Book Order due

*Bring in a picture of you and your mom by May

4th .



Grade 5 – ELA – Honors – Test on Adverbs

Grade 5 – Social Studies – wb pgs 80 & 81

Grade ^ – Social Studies – Test – Chapter 10



H.W. April 21, 2015

1. L.A.- Write a 4 line poem about a ladybug. Try to make  it rhyme.

2. Phonics- pages 177-178.

*Religion Test

* Dress Down Day- $2.00



Homework the Week Ending April 24, 2015


MondayPlease have your child write the letter Y; y and the number 25 in their homework notebook. Please have your child complete homework with a pencil only. Please note homework is due by Friday the latest.

Please note:  If your child is absent from school on a Monday; please do not write the homework in your child’s notebook. It is the teacher’s responsibility to write their homework in their notebook. Please wait till your child returns to school and their homework will be written in their notebook for them to complete. Thank you!


Wednesday April 22nd, it will be “Dress Down Day”. If you choose to have your child dress down please bring in $2.00.

Pretzel Money is due by Friday and pizza money is due by Thursday. If you would like a pretzel or pizza for your child please bring in the money on time and no later than the day its due. (50 cents for a pretzel and $2.00 dollars for pizza). Thank you.

Have a blessed week!!!

Thank you

Ms. Prestia


Grade 5 – Social Studies – wb pg 79

Grade 6 – Social Studies – Ch 10 Test on Wednesday – bring current events article for Thursday.

Grade 8 – Science – Read lesson 3, do questions 5&6


H.W. April 20, 2015

1. Reading- Superkids page 50.

2. Math- Finish page 64.

3. Religion- pages 175-176.


*Math Test- Thursday- Chapter 7

*L.A. Test- Friday- Contractions

Math Homework

6th R and H
Monday: Math Packet
Tuesday: Math Packet
Wednesday: Math Packet (NYS TEST Day 1)
Thursday: Math Packet (NYS TEST-Day 2)
Friday: No homework (NYS Test-Day 3)

Math Homework (04/20-04/24)

5th R
Monday: Workbook, page 146
Tuesday: Chapter 12 Test, no homework
5th H
Monday: Workbook, page 163
Tuesday: workbook, page 164