March 5, 2015


H.W. March 4, 2015

1. Reading- 5 sentences. Also, do Worksheet.

2. Science- pages 179-180.

3. Phonics- pages 97-98.

*Return Test Folder

*Pizza Money

*Math Quiz-Time


H.W. March 3, 2015

1. Math- page 95.

2. L.A.- Write sentences about Easter on the egg provided.

3. Religion- pages 151-152.

*Math Quiz- Thursday- Time

*Science Test- Tuesday- Study Sheet


Grade 5 – ELA – Honors – Define 11-20, wb pg 61

Grade 5 – Social Studies – wb pg 66

Grade 6 – ELA – Honors – Define 11-20, write your business letter in your notebook.

Grade 6 – Social Studies – wb pg 81

Homework the Week Ending March 6, 2015

MondayPlease have your child write the letter T; t and the number 20 in their homework notebook. Please have your child complete homework with a pencil only. Please note homework is due by Friday the latest.

Please note:  If your child is absent from school on a Monday; please do not write the homework in your child’s notebook. It is the teacher’s responsibility to write their homework in their notebook. Please wait till your child returns to school and their homework will be written in their notebook for them to complete. Thank you!


Pretzel Money is due by Friday and pizza money is due by Thursday. If you would like a pretzel or pizza for your child please bring in the money on time and no later than the day its due. (50 cents for a pretzel and $2.00 dollars for pizza). Thank you.

Friday March 6th, it will be first Friday mass. Please have your child arrive to school no later than 7:45 am. Prek-4 will be going to mass.

Sunday March 8th, is Daylight Savings Time; please don’t forget to set your clock one hour ahead.

Student of the Week is Natalia Madry. Congratulations Natalia! :)

 Have a blessed week!!!

Thank you

Ms. Prestia



H.W. March 2, 2015

1. Reading- Superkids pages 19-20.

2. Math- pages 94 and 96.

3. Phonics- pages 129-130.


Spelling Words: monkey, money, submarine,

machine, cheese, sneeze, police, please, airplane,

bedroom, doorbell, rattlesnake.


Student of the Week: Gabriel Sokolowski



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Math Homework (03/02-03/06)

6th R
Monday: Workbook, page 118
Tuesday: Workbook, page 119
Wednesday: Workbook, page 121
Thursday: Chapter 9 Test, Math Packet(Due Date-March 11)
Friday: No homework
6th H
Monday: Study for the test
Tuesday: Chapter 7 Test
Wednesday: Workbook, page 235-236
Thursday: Workbook, page 237-238
Friday: Math Packet (Due Date-March 11)

Math Homework (03/02-03/06)

5th R
Monday: Workbook, page 125
Tuesday: Chapter 10 Test, no homework
Wednesday: Workbook, page 126
Thursday: Workbook, page 127
Friday: No homework
5th H
Monday: Workbook, page 107
Tuesday: Workbook, page 109
Wednesday: Workbook, page 110
Thursday: Workbook, page 111
Friday: No homework


H.W. February 26, 2015

1. Math- page 92.

2. Science- pages 169-170.

*Spelling and L.A. Tests

*Pretzel Money


H.W. February 24, 2015

1. Reading- 5 sentences. Superkids page 15.

2. Math- page 91.

3. L.A.- Complete “How To Catch A Leprechaun


*Spelling Test- Friday

*L.A. Test- Friday- Adjectives, Using A and An

correctly, and Using er and est correctly.

*Class Trip Tomorrow- Wear Gym Uniform and

Bring Lunch

*Dress Down Day- Thursday- $2.00

*Pizza Money


H.W. February 23, 2015

1. Reading- 3x each. Superkids page 14.

2. Math- page 90.

3. L.A.- page 77.


*Subway Sandwich Money due


Spelling Words: eight, eighty, eighteen, they,

obey, neighbor, solid, liquid, gas, matter, Bible,



Student of the Week: Maximus Rurak



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